Lille Stretch Support Mesh Pants - XL

Lille Stretch Support Mesh Pants - XL

These pants are intended for use with Absorbent Pads
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These Lille Stretch Mesh Pants are especially designed to hold your shaped incontinence pads securely in place. This reduces the risk of leakage and maximises comfort and security.
These figure hugging support pants are manufactured from breathable fabric which are lightweight and discreet.

Especially designed to hold Lille light, PE Backed Lille classic pad and Lille supreme form shaped pads securely and comfortably.
Washable in a washing bag at 60C with gentle drying. Sold in packs of 5.

Sizes available:

Small - 20-32" (50-80cm) Hip
Medium - 32-45" (80-120cm) Hip
Large - 44-60" (110-150cm) Hip
XL - 51-68" (130-170cm) Hip

Single Pack of 5 Pairs Multi Pack
XL 51-68" Hip 5 Pairs for £4.95 25 Pairs for £19.55 Save £5.20

Product Options

Combination Selections Price
Number of Packs: 5 Pairs
Number of Packs: 25 Pairs

Number of Packs:

Our Price: 4.95

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