Brolly Sheets without Wings

Brolly Sheets without Wings

Just like a Brolly Sheet but without wings, 100% cotton top, absorbent and waterproof which make these an excellent product for incontinence, after surgery, or childbirth. Available in blue and white 1m square.

A Bed Pad sits on top of the mattress which makes it ideal for anyone who doesn't move too much in bed but also makes the Bed Pad portable so you can use it anywhere you need waterproof protection.

Our 100% cotton provides a natural, breathable and comfortable surface to sleep on. The absorbent middle layer is enough protection for children and adults. The soft, noiseless, breathable PUL (polyester backed polyurethane) backing is completely waterproof. It is important to us that your Brolly Sheet protector does not contain any PVC or vinyl because from its manufacture to its disposal, PVC emits toxic compounds. Plus PVC and vinyl products can be noisy and make you sweat more.
Absorption: 2000ml

How they work

  • Just place on top of the bottom sheet.
  • The child or adult sleeps on the unique 100% cotton, comfy top.
  • The absorbent middle layer and waterproof (yet breathable PUL) backing keeps the bottom sheet and mattress dry.

Please wash separately prior to use as this will soften the fabric and aid absorbency.
We recommend you have at least 2 - one on the bed and one to use as a replacement in the night.

Because of the 100% cotton top and soft PUL backing, Brolly Sheets are very soft and quiet. There is no crackle or rustling as with products that contain PVC and vinyls.

Delivery approx 7/10 days.

Sizes, Prices and Multi Pack Offers

100cm x 100cm
£19.75 each Buy 2 for £35.50 Save £4.00

Available in Colours:
Brolly Sheets (Single) - Red, White, Green, Pink and Blue
Brolly Sheets (Double) - White and Blue
Brolly Sheets (King) - White and Blue

Please Note: Delivery for Brolly Sheets is approx 7/10 working days.

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Size: Single - 95 x 95 + 45 cm wings

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