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While incontinence can be a difficult problem to cope with, choosing the correct type of products and good quality will go a long way in maintaining your dignity and providing a comfortable and active lifestyle.

Products Available
Most people are not aware there is a much greater choice of incontinence products than they can find in supermarkets and local chemists. Shopping on line offers you a much greater variety of incontinence products to choose from which are often of much higher quality than used by medical institutions or health services.

What you should do next
One of the first things you should do is find out what type and level of incontinence you have. The guide below will help you understand more about this.

Types and Levels of Incontinence

Stress Incontinence – [Product category: Light]
Most common in women, stress incontinence happens when the pelvic floor muscle that cradles the bladder becomes loose or weak. It can be described as an involuntary loss of urine when the bladder is stressed and pressure is applied especially when coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting.
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Urge Incontinence – [Product category: Moderate]
Also referred to as overactive bladder this can be described as the inability of the bladder to hold back the urine when the urge to go arises, causing the need to urinate more frequently. The muscle surrounding the bladder contracts involuntarily and spills out the urine before you have time to get to the toilet. Click here to read a more detailed overview of Urge Incontinence

Overflow Incontinence – [Product category: Light]
More common in men, can be described as frequently losing small amounts or "dripping” of urine during the day and night. You may feel that you never completely empty your bladder and you are only able to pass a small amount of urine but feel as though your bladder is still partly full.
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Reflex Incontinence – [Product category: Light to Moderate]
This type of incontinence is where the patient is not able to control the release of urine. This happens because the bladder contracts on its own and does not allow the person to stop the flow of the urine, thus causing urine leakage. Click here to read a more detailed overview of Reflex Incontinence

Mixed Incontinence – [Product category: Moderate]
This is a combination of two types of incontinence, stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Mixed incontinence is one of the most common types of incontinence in female patients and the elderly. The symptoms of stress incontinence are the leakage of urine upon laughing, coughing or sneezing, mixed with urge incontinence symptoms. You may feel the urge to urinate, but are unable to hold urine long enough to reach the toilet.
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Bowel Incontinence – [Product category: Heavy/Severe]
Also known as faecal incontinence is the involuntary loss of control over the passage of stool or faeces before reaching the toilet. Faecal incontinence may involve solid stool with or without gas or liquid faeces and is often caused by several factors including: Physical injuries, problems with the anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscles commonly associated with childbirth, anal surgery, hemorrhoids due to constipation, rectal tumours and loss of muscle strength due to old age.
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The descriptions above are only an overview of the types of incontinence and should not be substituted for clinical advice from your doctor to determine what type of incontinence you may have.

Incontinence Products Sizing Guide
Taking your body size into consideration is an important factor when choosing the most suitable products. Poorly fitting products can cause discomfort and leakage and not all product manufacturers have the same sizing scale for their products. It is best to measure the waist/hip size needed and match it to the product description. Do not assume that a size for one product will be the same for other products.

The best advice we can give for choosing the most suitable incontinence products.
When trying a new product or purchasing incontinence products for the first time, we always recommend you try out a few different products until you find the ones that you find most comfortable and effective. You may be a smaller person needing a more absorbent pproduct or a larger erson needing less absorbency.
Everyone has different needs and there is no "exact science" in choosing what suits you best. So by far the best way is to actually try some products untill you find what works best for you.

Trying different Pads
Everyone is different and you will find some products that you prefer over others. So we’ve made your choice a little easier by offering you our "Bespoke Sample Pack”. Simply select any 10 pads for £1.00 and we’ll send them to you for next day delivery. When you have made your choice of the most comfortable product we'll also refund the cost of one sample pack with your first order!

Trying Different Pants
To find the most suitable pants for your needs, you can simply order one or more single pairs of pants to try the ones you are interested in. If you have any doubt’s as to which pants and pads to try, you can always give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

If your first purchase doesn’t meet your needs, you can always try a different product. Then when you find something that works well, you can consider purchasing our value packs for a better deal. Remember you are shopping for a lifetime of comfort and freedom so don’t get discouraged in the search for products that work for you!